Friday, 14 August 2009


For the most beautiful jam, conserve or other such item. We think last year VP won this but we're not even sure. Shucks. Record keeping around here has really gone downhill. 

So VP has promptly sent in her entry, but at least now the rest of us all know what we are up against (unless this is a cunning and elaborate double bluff and she is going to produce an even more beautiful jar of jam at the last minute.)

She says: "Right, you asked for it!

(Cue seductive music...)

This isn't just raspberry jam, this is Hugh's [FW - ed] prize-winning raspberry fridge jam...

Not only that, it's 680g of loveliness, not your usual 340g jarful. Feast your eyes on that joyful redness, the even spread of pips through the jar, the only-made-it-last-week freshness of it all and weep."

Here's a jammy contender! Amanda from Someone Else's Kitchen sent these, with the following:
"The picture is for the Preserves Beauty Contest and shows my memorial to the twin towers of the lost World Trade Center, in the form of jars of Dundee Marmalade, with the early morning sun shining through them on a cold, snowy February morning. (You'll notice that I've deliberately made the orange rind pieces rise to the top of the jars to emphasise the glorious amber colour in the lower halves.)"


Claire sent this, of which she says, "a bit old, but was very tasty.". Hmmm. That doesn't seem a statement worthy of the domestic goddess. A bit old but very tasty? Claire clearly lives in no fear of the botulism. On the other hand, perhaps a bit old but very tasty is the perfect description of Nigella.

And this is from Lia L, who says, "Here is my beautiful, beautiful pot of redcurrant jelly, glowing in the sun". There's absolutely nothing like the pride you feel when you have jam on a shelf that you made yourself.

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  1. ...not forgetting the delightful homemade label, recycled via last year's Emsworth crafty discovery: seed packet labels courtesy of Ms Gayla Trail