Friday, 14 August 2009


This is really a category reserved for the crème de la crème of allotment show offs, the Lia Leendertzs, Mark Diaconos and Veg Plottings of this world. If you think what you've got what it takes to go up against this kind of quality, submit your platter....

Lottie sent this, which she does admit, "is not on a plate and it's mixed fruit, veg and flowers. Just wanted to show off my haul really ;o." Lottie, we salute your growing. Especially those beans!  

A top class Canadian platter from Amanda, who says, "I went foraging in the garden yesterday evening to see what I could come up with for the 'Plate of Mixed Veg' category. The resultant arrangement is a pleasing mix, I think you'll agree, of traditional allotment fare and the slightly more exotic. For the record they are: Super Red 80 Cabbage, Florence Fennel, Tomato Pepper, Chantenay Red Core Carrot, Ping Tung Aubergine." I am totally green with envy, apart from the bit where she has to put up with Ontario winters.

A good range from Happy Mouffetard, who writes, "Also attached is the entry for "allotment show-off: 5 veg". I expect I get points removed for dirt, but I think it adds a certain something. Probably grittiness." Look at the sweetcorn. Her post about it has just made me salivate uncontrollably. 

29th August, update

Karen from An Artist's Garden sent this lovely pic, remarking: "While I realize that this category is reserved for the crème de la crème of allotment growers, I thought that perhaps I could just sneak this one in under their radar :)" 

6th Sept Final update

Frugilegus sent this, I especially like the lavender and the nasturtiums, makes it soooo pretty. The authro writes "The first is for Patio Container Showoff 3, Plate of mixed veg, 5 kinds. Shown are some late French beans, Padron peppers, Burgess Buttercup Squash, Cucumber (Marketmore), and Black Beauty Aubergines. They are not in the same league as your other fine entries, but I thought I'd send them anyway as I'm quite pleased to have five vegetables at all."

Look at this! Simon brings new added depth to the term "allotment showoff" by sending in a photo of his entire homegrown dinner. With one important exception. He says: "Allotment showoff 3: Plate of mixed veg - my dinner tonight - all off the plot - carrots, potatoes, runner beans, peas, onions, lettuce, tomatoes. Ok that's more than five. Just showing off. (I didn't grow the salmon. Not yet.)"

And then Easygardener at Greenforks sent this, saying " Possibly too much green to be artistic?"...  But how can anything be too green???

And from Lia L, this model of restraint and simplicity! She says, "how could i not enter allotment show off? Here is my plate of five veg. French bean 'Trail of Tears', Tomato 'Latah', Cucumber 'Miniature white', and sweetcorn 'Ashworth'. The potato fell foul of one of those slack 'i'll come back and label that later' moments, so i have no idea what it is." 

Finally, here's one from Wisteria and Cow Parsley. "ALLOTMENT SHOW OFF 3: PLATE OF MIXED VEG, FIVE KINDS. This is my haul from yesterday. More cabbages and kolrabi than I know what to do with, beetroot, marrows, potatoes, french beans, runner beans and sweetpeas." 

And one last one from Anna who my Hotmail decided was a vile woman who must be rejected at every turn, and who eventually had to send all her entries via VP (thanks Veep). She said, "First an entry for a plate of mixed vegetables. I think that this may attract a dreaded NAS card as it is not a plate :)"

Luckily, I don't even know what an NAS card is, but I'm going to find out as it is sure to be a good way of threatening people and making them do what I want. 


  1. Triple points should be awarded for th ewhite aubergines. I've never managed to grow an aubergine bigger than an inch.

  2. Well - this is my third year of trying, they say third time lucky!