Friday, 14 August 2009


There are so many artistic types writing blogs these days that the committee thought it would be fun to add a new category. The entry details require your garden to be captured in photography, paint, drawing, pastels, or even new-fangled art media such as 'video'. 

Express yourselves!

The Sock has sent this, suggesting "It is a total cheat as I ran a picture of part of the garden through a photoshop filter and that is what it came up with. It is quite an interesting effect though." I like it, it makes my eyes go slightly squinty and feel as if I was looking at the garden from inside a pond, as if I were a fish. Mmmmmm.

This is from Mark, it has made me giggle, he says, "a simple photograph (which surely has to count as art?) catching the great and the good checking out how much of ‘Veg Patch’ I really grow…"

Now there's some fine paintings, which of course are not done justice in Jpegs but there we go. They come from Victoria, who says: "These are by my son Rory of my garden. I feel a bit shy about sending them in because of course I'm his Mum and I think they're wonderful. I thought of putting them on my blog and saying he was available for commissions. He starts his fine art degree at Kingston next month.
As you can see, one is of the Pinus montezumae and the other is of the bananas (Musa basjoo) at the end of the garden."

And look at this, from the even more multi-talented than we previously realised VP. She says, "These are the garden notebooks I started for my KLC course a while ago. Guess where the photo was taken..... yes not only is my garden captured in 'art', I also captured my 'art' in the garden ;)". 


Ms B sent this: it's from her 'tomato period'. :-)

And an important correction: Mr Alexander-Sinclair is very offended that I didn't understand this "Jaffa Cake Bridge (temporary installation)" is in fact an art work in the garden, not a garden ornament in very bad taste. Well honestly, I think this just demonstrates how extremely hard it is to know what's art, and what's not, in this day and age.

Yours, the Committee.

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  1. You're right: I had to lay the paintings on the floor and photograph them, as they were far too big to go on the scanner, so they don't look quite as good as they could.