Friday, 14 August 2009


Last year I asked participants to create a bouquet in the style of Sarah Raven. This year we go one better and create a floral tribute to that loveliest and most fragrant of TV presenters, Rachella Duckface De Thame. 

29th August update
Two wonderful entries at once, firstly, from Karen, An Artist's Garden (UK). She writes, "As you can see – I have scoured my garden for fragrant lovelies and included in the arrangement are Pinks, Rose, Lavender. From the English country garden amongst other things, I include, verbascum, hardy geranium, lavatera, dried poppy seed heads, nigella. I also include fuchsia, in a blatant attempt to curry favour with a certain judge. I have set my arrangement against that quintessential sign of an english summer, a rain spattered window on a damp grade 11 listed windowsill." Such a beautiful bouquet. 

And Helen the Patient Gardener, last year's victorious title-holder, sent this: "I was in two minds to enter as I didnt think I had much pink and fluffy in the garden but having spoken to Karen last night and seen her post I thought I had better try and defend my crown! So here is my bouquet which has a Lily and a rose in it and before VP and Karen claim I have cheated using shop bought roses I can confirm that the white rose in this picture is from my garden which is why it looks abit moth eaten. I havent used any of the roses I was given by my blind date - honest."  Gorrgggeous. Just like Rachel herself. 


from Claire Potter, who writes: "some lovely sweet peas" for lovely Rachel.  

And blimey, what about this for a gorgeous bunch. Rothschild Orchid from Wisteria and Cow Parsley sent this, though she claims she didn't have much to do with the making of it.

"Stilton has been busying himself with making a bouquet for the FLORAL ACHIEVEMENT 1: A SUMMER BOUQUET FOR RACHEL DE THAME. He says he was influenced by that lovely border she made in the GW special. He got lots of beautiful dark flowers such as dahlia's and chocolate cosmos', then added a few blowsy roses and pale cosmos flowers for that girly touch and then when he thought it was looking like a rather lovely bunch of flowers he quickly went down the hay meadow and picked lots of grasses and smothered it with them!".

Well, for a cat he is really good at flower arranging.


  1. Hmm strangely so far no one has taken up the challenge of creating a bouquet for Rachella de Duckface. I cannot understand the lack of enthusiasm, for does not everyone in the land consider her to be a goddess?

  2. I'm having trouble with the rose petals: they just won't stay where they're meant to be and something keeps on biting off my rosebuds too

  3. I had something lined up but SomeBeans chucked it in the compost bin. As you can tell from that statement, it was a real contender. I'm awaiting further developments...

  4. Err - I am trying I really am, but no luck yet.

  5. Stilton's done a cracker! I'm just sorting out the photo's for him now. He's a dab hand at flower arranging!

  6. Some Beans "chucked it in the bin"? What kind of a phillistine is this Some Beans?

  7. Darn it! Lily, I forgot about a lily
    Nice one PG :)

  8. Love Karen's arrangement especially the setting - didnt think of doing that. Cant we have another category - Flowers for Rachaels naughty twin sister and then Karen and I could do one with the Dahlias and Rudbeckias we have been cultivating?

  9. lol
    So funny Patient Gardener

    Victoria has suggested that we ask the committee for a "Nicely Painted Toes" category next year!

    That could be fun

  10. If you want a last minute flowers for Rachel's evil twin sister category I will make it....

  11. Wow!! Those flowers are looking so beautiful... I just love them... Best summer days!!