Friday, 14 August 2009


A self-explanatory category. It just needs to be bad, very very bad. It may well not be yours. It may belong to your darling next-door-neighbour. Just send us a pic. Remember, we love to share. 

In fact let me start with my own find. This is in a village somewhere in Sussex, and I think it's pretty good. Good meaning bad. 

From the lovely Ms M, comes this... A cooperative effort, as you will hear, with NAH: "I popped out yesterday to take a picture of the ultimate bog garden round the corner, only to find I've been thwarted - they've moved and someone with good taste has moved in! So instead I'm giving you a taster of a street of gardens I found in Wales. NAH took this picture for me the last time he was there. Unfortunately he wasn't quite right in his timing: most of the ornaments you see are solar powered. Not only that, a lot of them change colour! In a way seeing these gardens in the dark is an improvement: lots of lights winking away and changing colour is quite reassuring and friendly when you poke your head out of the window to check all is well with the world before retiring to bed."

For god's sakes, where will the world be if "people with good taste" are just going to take it upon themselves to move in and start smartening things up

6th Sept Final update

Helen the Patient Gardener says of this monstrosity: "Also attached is a photo for the ugly ornament category. This was in the garden when we bought the house but I just havent got the heart to chuck it away. Every time I go to I see those big eyes and give in. So he is sitting in a corner." Awwww doggie.

James A-S sent this, with the caption, "Jaffa Cake Bridge of mossy chasm. (Temporary installation)." 

I fail to see what could possibly be in bad taste about having some nice Jaffa Cakes secreted around the garden for when you might need a little pick-me-up, but there we go.

This one comes from Wisteria and Cow Parsley who nearly got run over crossing an A road to take the photo, but hopefully all will agree her near-death experience was entirely worth it.

Ms B sent this, adding, "not sure if gnomes are 'in' or 'out' at the moment, but this chap has lurked in our garden for a number of years".

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  1. Madam Chairman...
    I believe that you have entered by Jaffa Cake bridge in the wrong category. It should be under Art in your Garden.
    Not Bad taste ornaments.
    How rude.