Friday, 14 August 2009


The committee have decided that under the allotment show rules, any animal resident in the garden can count as a chicken. 

This is from Amanda Hill again. Her "amazing vanishing hen"! 

And this shot from Emma Cooper is of course, "Princess Layer, the world's most beautiful and superior chicken." I don't know if you all know but she has a book out. Emma I mean, not the hen. 

I'm loving this super macro chicken shot, from Steel Phoenix. As always click to enlarge! 

The Otter Farm Chicken, a superb beast. Actually I'm sure there's more than one, but this is a good one. 

24th August update 

Frugilegius writes: " Dear Esteemed Judges,

Please find attached an entry for the Emsworth Village Show 2009 in the
category Livestock 1: Best Chicken.

I was delighted to read that, under allotment show rules, any animal
resident in the garden can count as a chicken, as I have an extremely
large and healthy flock of 'chickens', that love scratching around
amongst the vegetables. The attached image features one of my smaller
birds, but I hope you'll agree, still a fine specimen - affectionately
known as /Little Clucker///.

Best wishes,

PS. No 'chickens' were harmed in the making of this chicken."

Hmmm there's something funny about that chicken I can't quite make it out

Update, 29th August

James sent this, with the following email: "Being so young and innocent you were perhaps unaware that - in the same as babies are found under gooseberry bushes** - chickens come not from eggs but from cabbages. Attached is a photograph of the miracle of life unfolding.

**I have often wondered why Gooseberries? They are awfully prickly and, unless the baby was extremely cute, it wouldn't really be worth getting all scratched up retrieving it."

And VP sends this, with the following addendum: "Here's my Emsworth entry for best chicken ;) Readers of Emsworth Show 2008 may remember the animals at VP Gardens are a very talented bunch. Last year I entered my time telling frog: for 2009 I'm proud to reveal my equally fantastic chicken who tells us which way the wind's blowing. As you can see the surrounding plants have got rather jealous of her, so the Clematis tangutica is holding her back a little and the Rosa 'Rambling Rector' is on standby to add reinforcements if needed."


Claire writes, " best chicken - well two actually - maddy and morzine - our lovely Araucana girls." Fluffy!

Frances from Faire Gardens sent this, which I think you'll find perfectly qualifies under the rules, "an Eastern box turtle eating a fallen peach from a purple leaf peach tree in my backyard."

As does this, which Esther sent with the following note: "Dear Emma, This is a chicken."

James A-S was more cautious, appending "Am I allowed to enter my peripatetic peacock (name of Pilogenes) in the domestic animal category?". Frankly, if you can roast it with potatoes, you can enter it.