Friday, 14 August 2009


This year, in a twist on the conventional instructions, we would like a Victoria Sandwich which pays tribute to your favourite Victoria. It could be Queen Victoria. It could be the fine blogging powers of my colleague Victoria.  Just make that cake earn its keep. 

Even amongst the genius of the Emsworth Show, there are further levels of genius. This is one of them. Check this out, from Happy Mouffetard. She says "I've now completed the entry for the Victoria sandwich - it's "Victoria's Secret" sandwich. I did toy with the idea of a Victoria Beckham sandwich but decided that Posh Spice and cakes were mutually incompatible.". Teee heee! It's brilliant! Can you top it?????

29th August, update

Just when we thought it couldn't be beaten, Lia L comes in with a wicked entry.... look at this!! She writes, "This is my faithful depiction of Balmoral Castle, favourite haunt of one Queen Victoria, in chocolate cake (please note the jelly baby sentries detailing). I baked it especially for Emsworth, of course, and then all these hungry looking children in party outfits mysteriously appeared." Well, that can happen.


Now of course it should be clear by now that the Emsworth Show has a suitably relaxed attitude to 'rules' for a show that was taken to Woodstock Festival in its carrycot.

But I hope no one accuses me of too much bending when i submit this entry, some cupcakes made by my mum's godchild Gabriel, who is really good at icing IMHO.

And Vp had to keep up a fine old tradition of trying to enter every category, hence these, "is this the ultimate Victoria Sandwich? 3 luscious beauties, full of plumptiousness."


  1. Does anyone have a photo of Victoria between two other people or objects?

  2. Perhaps I can stage something at her garden opening on the 30th

  3. Catch me in M&S food hall on the way to work and you might get a pic of me between two sandwiches!

  4. Thats going to take some explaining if you put it a work lunchbox HM!

  5. It's gradually being devoured at home. If I took it to work people might think me a bit weird ;-)

    I have to admit that I couldn't eat the knickers, though - it seemed wrong, even though the RHS are trying to persuade us to link underwear and food production more closely.

  6. I know, I hope some RHS Top Brass are reading this blog and commission you for the recipe

  7. Mmmmmmm - chocolate cake!
    Is there anyone else out there who eats the sking off jelly babies skin first?

  8. No - I bite their heads off first!

    There's probably a psychologist somewhere doing very detailed research into these kinds of eating habits...