Friday, 14 August 2009


It may not make you proud to grow a monster that looks nothing like those photogenic organisms appearing on the pages of Carol Klein's Grow your own veg. But it makes us laugh. And that's the main thing. 

Amanda Hill admits very honestly, "It's not from this year, I will admit, but I'd like the parsnip to have a wider audience." Jesus, I suspect it's a genetically modified octoparsnip.


This from Claire, "the potato duck with a lump on it's bum". !  

And then one from VP, who writes " Not as good as last year's potato, but that parsnip you've had on here for weeks is looking rather lonely." Ahhh. So thoughtful.

Easygardener at Greenforks sent this, and check out her site for some more unfortunate vegetable accidents actually! She writes, "Misshapen veg - I think this carrot looks like a man with a big......nose."

Two from Juliet, who writes, "Clearly nothing is going to compete with Amanda's octoparsnip, but I thought it looked a bit lonely, so I'm providing it with some company. A coy carrot and an unabashed tomato - I don't know, it hasn't even had the grace to blush!". EXTREMELY rude.

And Lia's entry for most misshapen veg comes with the simple but hilarious label "Mushroom Beetroot". 

Anna from Green Tapestry sent this, adding most delicately, "I hope that you are not a lady of sensitive disposition and that I am not lowering the tone of the show, by sending my carrot as an entry in for the most misshapen vegetable class. I do so in true Esther Rantzen tradition." It's lucky she mentions Esther as otherwise we would have thought she was extremely low-rent.

And my mum sent this, with a classic bit of labelling I feel.... "strange beauty all of its own class, rather a classy class, possibly one you haven't actually got, i can't remember now."

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  1. In the best traditions of champion vegetable growing, that last entry must have got some seed from last year's winner?