Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I challenge anyone who owns a copy of the River Cottage Preserves Handbook, or similar, to a fruit leather making competition. Come on team! Let's have a go! Or Hawthorn harissa, or whatever, the weirdest thing out of Pam the Jam's book wins the prize. 


Hurray! VP finally comes through with an entry. My fruit leather plans went to pot when I had to make cakes for a wedding all weekend. But Vp writes: "I haven't got round to making the Haw Ketchup yet and the local council flailed all the elderberry trees last week, so I won't be making the Pontack Sauce :( However, I did pickle some Nasturtium 'Capers' this morning. It's the easiest, peasiest recipe I've tried in the book thus far :) I'm not saying what they remind me of - perhaps your readers might like to hazard a guess?"

Anyone want to try?????

And she has a rival! Mark D sent this: "something from Pam-s book – mint syrup! Truly lovely. Had to have a pic of the making of it as it’s in homebrew brown glass bottles Im afraid." Homemade mint syrup... he really is living the good life.


  1. Excluding various jams (lots of pages), I've only got preserved lemons (p126) and asparagus in oil (p198) to show you thus far. If you want the saucy haw ketchup (p205), you'll have to wait until next month.

    Mind you, the rate the plum harvest's going, you could be on for a plum leather (p73)...

  2. I have got ripe haws where I live! one of the few benefits of living in between the M4 and Heathrow airport is a high mean air temperature

  3. Fruit and leather sound to me like they go together like Colin Sell and the piano. (sorry - another "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" reference)