Friday, 14 August 2009


I have changed some of the categories since last year, but this one, I'm afraid, is such a firm favourite that it is staying exactly the same. However, extra points will be awarded for representing topical celebrity scenes (Peter and Jordan's divorce, Cheryl Tweedy smoking, Alys and Toby coming to blows over the palm tree planting etc). 

A lovely first entry here from Mr Alexander-Sinclair, it's Donatella Versace. 

Another from Mr A-S, it's "Alfred Hitchcock wearing a bobble hat." He is definitely going for it with the tomato portraits this year. Very smart stair edgins, that's what I can't help noticing. 

Yet another tomato portrait! This one from Amanda, she says "I am unsure whether to enter this as a celebrity portrait or as a mis-shapen vegetable. Unfortunately I am sadly uneducated in the identification of celebrity derrières..." I feel that we should help her on this by posing suggestions. Mine is Beyoncé.

Helen the Patient Gardener finally manages a celebrity that isn't a tomato! "Vegetable Celebrity lookalikey - here is Carol Klein with her spiky hair, big smile and bright top."

And then Lottie sent this, which is so cute, saying "From left to right, Toby, Alys and Joe! It's not easy taking a photo without my glasses on! :o)."

29th August update

This one is definitely going to earn some extra points, because it's just so funny. Karen from An Artist's Garden writes: "As I don’t read “Hello” or anything similar, and we don’t get Gardeners World (often) my knowledge of celebs is rather sketchy.
So I have sent you a picture of “Some Beans” .... I am not sure that I got the nose exactly right, but I hope that Happy Mouffetard will forgive me this, as Some Beans is so elusive when it comes to having a photograph taken." 
Teee heeee!

6th Sept Final Update

James De Blackpitts sent me this, labelled "Kerry Kantona". I don't know how he can be so cruel to lovely warm-hearted Kerry.

And I absolutely LOVE this one, from Claire, "I am proud to present - Bob Marley the beetroot - dreads and all." 

And this is the Strictly Come Dancing judging committee as reconfigured for 2009 sans Arlene Phillips, but expressed in plums. The level of sophistication involved in the creation of this work should already have told you that it could only have come from the hand of one single maker, Mr James Alexander-Sinclair.