Monday, 7 September 2009


Firstly, the committee would like to tender its apologies for some slowness this week in processing show entries. This was due entirely on people, the public, you out there, being far too keen on entering the show. If only you had taken less trouble to publicise the show and to enter your thoughtful and good-hearted entries, our lives would have been so much easier. Please bear that in mind next year! 

Secondly, congratulations to all involved for the high standards of submission. Even Cleve's blight was strangely alluring. (Though Mr Alexander-Sinclair as always lowered the tone, this time by submitting a pumpkin he claims resembles Kerry Katona. I include a Google link for Miss Katona here, not to encourage Mr Alexander-Sinclair further but merely to help our American and Limburgese colleagues who may not be familiar with Miss Katona's body of work.)

Finally, we look forward to judging the entries. If there is anyone who feels they would have liked to enter but hasn't quite got round to it, I'm sure that the committee is now so exhausted from its nine-hour uploading marathon today that probably not much judging is going to get done for a few days. If there's one last thing you're itching to enter, please feel free. Unless your name is VP in which case you've already entered everything and you must be dreaming. 

With many best wishes to all the competitors,

The Committee. 

In particular the Committee are happy to receive any last minute entries for a hastily invented category of flower arrangements for Rachella de Thame's slutty evil sister, as requested. 


  1. You're so good! Thanks for letting us know Emma, I've had a few people emailing me asking if something was wrong.

  2. Oh I hadnt realised you had taken my request seriously. I will do a bunch of flowers for Rachel's evil twin this evening and send it on. Will let karen know as well as they grew her dahlias specially

  3. OMG! - but its big rain here - and all zinnias and dahlias are horizontal -

    ......Rushes off down garden in wellies and mac...

  4. Oh triple drat, I've left it too late. Sorry Emma,but I've had lots of trouble lately with pc, new camera, time management (ahem) and one remaining functioning brain cell refusing to kick in. Repeatedly.

  5. Ah!!! Just back from holiday. Pleased to know that I am not the only one struggling with new technology.

  6. Now I wish i'd bothered to join in this year - what fun!
    I did have a tomato what was the dead spit of General DeGaulle - I was a making a wee kepi for him when I found im indoors chopping him for a sandwich

  7. Oh the sinister floral arrangements would have been so easy to do here, what with the black garden. But those entries will be inspiration for next year!
    thanks too for the body link for James' pumpkin entry. Never heard of her trials and tribulations over here. There are plenty of starlets splashed over the covers of magazines we ogle while checking out at the grocers. A good library.

  8. I'm thinking if the judging takes much longer it could join up with next year's show.

    Shall we begin sending in entries for it now?


  9. Damn it, I didn't contribute at all. Look forward to the winning entries for inspiration next year. Poo. I even wish I was slutty can could rustle up a flower arrangement, but I'm just too sophisicated, I don't think it would ever work :(

  10. i'm with esther. what's with the hold-up? some of us have reputations resting on this, you know.
    i do hope carrie isnt casting nasturtiums on us upstanding ladies who contributed floral arrangements. We created bouquets FOR a slut. It's an important distinction.